Patchworks, 2c Fulbourne Road Now On Site

Waltham Forest Council granted Inland Homes planning approval for Patchworks, 2C Fulbourne Road in spring 2021. The planning submission summary newsletter can be downloaded here.

Work to prepare the site and build Patchworks on the former Homebase site commenced in June 2021 and is due to be completed in 2025. Inland Homes is committed to ensuring that the local community is kept informed and engaged as the development progresses and that there is a clear line of communication with the development team. The first construction update newsletter has been issued and can be downloaded here.

Patchworks will deliver high quality regeneration reflecting the heritage and culture of the area, providing around 580 new homes, including affordable housing, new commercial and community space, and attractive, welcoming gardens and play areas. The proposals will deliver a greener environment with energy efficient buildings, environmental improvements along Forest Road and over 130 trees, including 80 new trees. There will be new amenities, including a cycle hub, and new pedestrian routes integrating with existing assets and amenities in the area.

This residential-led development support of the aims of the Waltham Forest Draft Local Plan that identifies the Forest Road corridor and Wood Street area as a regeneration area.

Patchworks has been co-designed and developed with the benefit of significant community and stakeholder engagement. During summer 2020, hundreds of people took part by giving feedback and taking part in question and answer sessions.

This website explains the background to the project and the construction programme going forward. Please keep an eye out for further information.

During the Covid-19 crisis we will do our utmost to ensure easily accessible communication with the community via this website, through physical newsletters and a Freephone number.

Evening View of Patchworks Square & Mobility Hub

View of the Linear Gardens

View of Forest Road East

View of Forest Road

Construction Programme

Patchworks will be built out over approximately 4 years with completion due in spring 2025.

The plan below shows the order in which blocks will be built with a timeline below it.

Planning Background

Wood Street Area

The emerging London Plan requires London to meet its own development needs (including delivering sufficient housing) within its administrative boundary. This means an increase in density is required. This will need to optimise development potential, sometimes resulting in different density and heights to its surroundings.

The Waltham Forest Draft Local Plan looks to put the London Plan vision into operation in Waltham Forest Borough. Ambitious housing targets have to be met by the Council and parts of the borough have been identified as locations where regeneration will take place in the plan period at higher densities with taller buildings.

The Forest Road corridor and the Wood Street area have been identified as opportunities in the Draft Local Plan where change is to be encouraged and redevelopment supported. The corridor presents the opportunity, through reconfiguration and investment, to substantially improve its appearance, functioning and relationship to existing and new development. The aspiration to extend the Council’s “Enjoy Waltham Forest” cycleway network though the corridor is identified.

Sustainable Transport

Enjoy Waltham Forest

“Enjoy Waltham Forest” is one of many projects underway to make Waltham Forest safer for walking and cycling.  It involves a total of 13 separate schemes across the Borough.  There is an opportunity to integrate the proposals for Fulbourne Road with the wider Enjoy Waltham Forest aspirations for the area, and in doing so for the development to complement and strengthen the Borough’s vision.

Mobility Hub

A Mobility Hub for the residents and users of the site forms part of the development proposals.  It will include some or all of the following key features:

  • cycle hire scheme
  • secure cycle parking
  • cycle surgery area
  • car club bays
  • EV charging points
  • ‘Amazon’ style lockers
  • Digital screens providing real time travel information
  • Wi-Fi and space for socialising


The Inland Homes team is committed to engaging with local stakeholders and the wider community through the construction period. This website has been the hub for the engagement activity and has been updated to provide more information and details of the proposals for the site and the construction activities. Please keep an eye out for further information.

June to September 2020 – Pre-planning Engagement

Patchworks has been co-designed and developed with the benefit of significant community and stakeholder engagement. During summer 2020, hundreds of people have taken part by giving feedback and taking part in question and answer sessions.

January 2021 – Statutory Planning Engagement

London Borough of Waltham Forest undertook their statutory consultation process starting 5 January 2021 which included updated drawings and documents submitted by Inland Homes. Notices were posted around the site and observations on the application were welcomed.

June 2021 onwards – Demolition and Construction Engagement

Following the granting of planning consent for Patchworks, JTP, architects and community planners, has been reappointed by Inland Homes to continue liaising with the local community.

Over the coming months JTP will coordinate the following:

• Regular updates of the website as communications hub
• Regular update newsletters
• Communication with local stakeholders, including businesses and community groups
• Liaison with Waltham Forest Council community engagement team

There will also be a regular news alerts produced by Inland Homes. If you would like to receive these regular news alerts, please complete the form below and tick the box.



Following the validation of the Planning Application, 3D fly through videos of the scheme were produced.

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    Barton Willmore is the UK’s leading independent town planning and related consultancy.  Barton Willmore is active in the Borough, having coordinated the planning application for the redevelopment and extension of the “Mall” in the town centre, and acting jointly with the Borough Council is coordinating future planning applications at the Civic Centre.  On the Patchworks project for Inland Homes Plc they are acting as the planning consultants, Environmental Impact Assessment coordinators, and as Townscape and Visual Impact assessors.